Early Childhood Professionals

A brighter future.

Mary opened her family child care business five years ago in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis. At the time, she was not familiar with Parent Aware, Minnesota’s new quality rating and improvement system, but she was eager to learn how to have more impact in the lives of children and their families.

It had been many years since Mary had received any formal education herself.


For Early Childhood Professionals

Providing Child Care

Think Big Picture!

Child Care Professionals need to develop many skills and talents to do their jobs well.  Often it feels like you are being asked to do more every year and all at the same time!   When you're juggling so many different pieces for your job that you can't keep track of them all, Think Small.  We have the expertise and resources to help you put together all the little pieces that complete the big picture.  This section has information about your profession, from the most basic elements of child care to the current best practices--and there are resources to connect you with the right support at every level.